About Me

Hi, I am Gary Mansperger. My passion is shooting landscapes. My goal is to bring awesome images to my viewers. I like to be in the field before sunrise to get the golden morning moments. Then again prior to sunset and into the “blue” hour that follows. I can easily shoot nightscapes until the early hours of the morning.

I share my images on this site and others free. If you are “touched” by an image and want it on your wall, my standard prints are on aluminum which provides the greatest details and spectacular colors. Yes, the cost is orders of magnitude more expensive than prints on paper but the prints will likely survive the next 100 years and can take a lot abuse — they can even by put outside!

A technique I often use is called HDR for short. You can Click on the HDR tab to learn what is all about.  Often non photographers love the traditional look of HDR and photographers hate it. I work to make images that everyone loves and not get hung up on the exact process required to achieve it.

As a teen I worked in a photography store during high school and junior college. During this time I meet and was able to work with many of the professional photographers in Southern California.

I shoot professionally for local news papers and even got a 3 year gig on the side lines of the San Diego Chargers.

These were the days of my Speed Graphic 4×5. There is no better way to learn photography than with this camera. Each shot counts and a photo session has about 20 to 30 shots before running out of film holders.

I stuck with this camera through college. Someplace along this time, I was able to swing a Hasselblad with a collection of great lens. I have used the Hasse now for over 30 years. Over this period I shoot from the Great Wall of China to the wall around Noerdlingen Germany and about every place between.

I have moved into the digital world and have no regrets.  I started with a Nikon D800e and have progressed to a D850now. It  produces sharp 45 M pixel images under a wider range of light than was possible with film. The software tools by Adobe and Skylum allow me to take the art to a new level.

To see more of my work please visit garymansperger.smugmug.com