As a student of photography I have learned from many people. Today the internet has information on every part of photography and has many experts that share (and sell) their knowledge. In this section of the web site I am trying to pass on bits of what I have learned from others and by going out and taking many photos, both good and bad (and really bad). Every bad photo is a learning opportunity, and I have had a lot.

The largest photography learning tool is Google! Type anything you want to know about Lightroom or Photoshop and you will get enough info to keep you busy for years. And the best part is that most of it is FREE. So before pulling out your credit card to purchase a “How Do”, I suggest that you first see what is available.

There are many incredible photographers and photographic companies that share what they know with short tutorials. They have things (educational and hardware) to sell and I support them by making purchases from them.

Here is a partial list of photographers and companies:

Jimmy McIntyre
Jimmy is a photoshop and luminosity mask expert. He has free tutorials and software on Shutter Evolve along with his mega luminosity plug in for Photoshop and a number of training programs.

Trey Ratcliff
Trey specialty is HDR photography. Besides being an interesting guy and great photographer he has free tutorials available on his site “Stuck in Customs”. In addition to his photography, he is a creator of an HDR software package (in conjunction with Macphun). As I am a Windows guy I do not use this product. He is also the founder (I think) of the Arcanum which provides one on one training. Trey lives in New Zeeland and offers a number of workshops and occasionally free photo walks. My bucket list includes meeting Trey and attending one of his workshops!

Serge Ramelli
Serge offers many free tutorial. If you sign up (free) he will send you a lot of mail (advertisements) and give you access to the tutorials, raw files, and other goodies. You will find him on his web site “Photoserge“. Most of his tutorials are on Lightroom and Photoshop, but from time to time he drifts of to a plugin or stand alone software product.

Andorama is a large New York City camera store. They are a good company to deal with and offer a lot of free training videos on Andorama TV.


Adobe needs no description! Besides being the creator of the gold standard photographic software, they also offer a lot of free training.

Google/NIK Software is now free and is my “go to” Photoshop plug in.  Besides being free, they also have free tutorials on the web site.

Skylum – Luminar (I use as a plugin to Photoshop, but can be used as a standalone photo editor)
Aurora (Again I use it as a plugin to Photoshop, and it can be used as a standalone HDR editor)