HDR photography with NIK Processing

Below are two examples of HDR photography via NIK. The pier photograph is a -3, 0, +3 ev photo processed in NIK and a little tweeking in Lightroom. The Sea Lion photograph is a bit more complicated. It was shot, as you can see under the pier where it is very dark with a lot of dark colors. I shot a 7 photo sequence (+3,+2,+1,0,-1,-2,-3 ev) and used the +3,0,-3 for the foreground/background as a NIK HDR. The seal looked grungy so I went back to the original series and worked on the +1 shot in Lightroom to increase Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation. I then loaded the two images as layers into Photoshop with the HDR image on top of the stack. After aligning the images, I then punched through the HDR to expose the corrected seal image below.