Lightroom Keywords and Keyword Sets

Keyword Sets

The hart and sole of the Lightroom Library module is Keywords. By consistently adding keywords to your images while importing you will be able to easily create sets of images. For example, if you have kids and grandkids, when you import your photos, put in meaningful keywords like Family, Dylan, Anna, Grandkids. Then in the future you will be able to retrieve collections of photos of all the grandkids, or of Lucy, by using one of the many build in tools of Lightroom.

Keywords are so important that you should give some thought as to what keywords would be important to you. If you are not consistently adding keywords, set some time aside and go back through your images until they all have keywords. This is a large investment in time that will pay dividends in the future.  The sooner you do it the easier. After a short period of time things start to blend together and it becomes very difficult to identify people, places, etc.

Keyword Sets are located on the Right Panel in the Library Module.

To make the process a bit easier, Lightroom has a number of built in Keyword sets. They include:

  • Outdoor Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Recent Keywords (Default)

However if you have visited a specific National Park and burned a few billion pixels, you may find that you need to keyword many images and it would be handy to have a custom set of keywords for that specific shoot. Enter Custom Keyword Sets. Lightroom allows you to easily create your own Keyword sets. Here is how:

Creating a new Keyword Set:

  1. Click on any Keyword Set name (Dropdown box to the right of the words “Keyword Set”)
  2. In the popup menu select “Edit Set”
  3. This gets you to a new box with the keywords of the selected set. Delete all of the words in this set that you do not want (you will not lose the current set).
  4. Add up to 9 keywords for your new set
  5. Click on the preset name box and select “Save Current Settings as new Preset”
  6. Give the new set a name in the popup box and click the “Create” button.